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Our Vision

To create an inclusive space for NDIS participants where their needs are prioritized and actioned upon.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of NDIS participants in a meaningful way, by supporting and stimulating their physical, mental, and social growth.


National Disability & Community Services (NDCS) is a privately owned organization established to provide support services to NDIS participants whilst catering for support requirements of all age groups.

We help you in building capacity and enable you to live your life independently. Our support workers are experienced in working in a range of environments and understand that every individual has unique needs.

We work closely with you to help you reach your developmental goals in a sustainable way, wherein you feel belonged and supported in the community.

Our Services

We are true to our values and ensure honesty in delivering support services. Our team ensures transparency in our work and offers you the best of services in a dignified manner.
Our guiding principles allow us to support participants in the most efficient manner as all our services are built to provide holistic support and live an autonomous life.
Credibility-We hold ourselves accountable for every step we take for the betterment of participants and have established credibility and trust in the community to continue giving our best.
We truly stand for understanding participants better to be able to offer them true assistance. Our support staff is empathetic and always values their needs.
At NDCS, inclusivity is not just a notion. It is practiced in daily life, while providing support to every participant. We provide equal accessibility and believe in equal opportunities
for all.
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All our staff has undergone Infection Control Training for COVID-19, making us a safe space for NDIS participants.